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1 Visualizing Emergent Magnetic Flux of Antiskyrmions in Mn1.4PtSn Magnet Zhidong He,Dongsheng Song,Weiwei Wang,Ning Wang,Binghui Ge,Shouguo Wang,Mingliang Tian,Haifeng Du April 2022 Advanced Functional Materials 第一
2 Electrical manipulation of skyrmions in a chiral magnet Weiwei Wang, Dongsheng Song, Wensen Wei, Pengfei Nan, Shilei Zhang, Binghui Ge, Mingliang Tian, Jiadong Zang & Haifeng Du 24 March 2022 Nature Communications 第一
3 An Ionic Cluster Strategy for Performance Improvements and Product Morphology Control in Metal-Catalyzed Olefin–Polar Monomer Copolymerization Chen Tan, Chen Zou, and Changle Chen* January 24, 2022 Journal of the American Chemical Society 第一
4 Fast determination of sample thickness through scanning moiré fringes in scanning transmission electron microscopy Pengfei Nan, ZhiyaoLiang, Yue Zhang, Yangrui Liu, Dongsheng Song, Binghui Ge April 2022 Micron 唯一单位